My go-to hairspray. I use it for hair prep and as a finishing spray. The Kenra 25 hairspray does not get crunchy or difficult to brush out like other hairsprays so it is perfect for all day wear!


KENRA Volume Spray 25

The Kenra Dry Texture Spray is the best way to add texture and stick to hard to curl hair. This spray is perfect accompanied with the Kenra 25 for a beachy, wavy style. If you have silky, shiny hair, this is for you!


KENRA Dry Texture Spray

This texturizing taffy is perfect for my short hair girls. This taffy is best used to separate pieces and create more texture in hair that may be silky and smooth!


KENRA Platinum Texturizing Taffy

The Kenra 13 hairspray has the perfect waxy texture. I use this during styling to lock in place specific pieces for that perfect textured look without the crunch of regular hairspray. This is the perfect spray for soft styles!


KENRA Perfect Medium 13

Design Me's texturizing powder "Puff Me" is used best at the roots of your hair. Accompanied with a bit of teasing this product is great to add volume! You can reactivate this product throughout the day by fluffing it up!


Design Me Puff Me Texture Powder

YES! There are better bobbi pins! Some bobbi pins are cheaply made, stretch out too easily and don't hold hair for very long. These bobbi pins are long wearing and actually hold hair! Plus the 300 ct. box should last you a while!


MetaGrip Premium Bob Pins

The Kenra Volume Dry Shampoo is a must for my hair prep kit. This product is great for the days that you just washed your hair and you need a little stick and texture in the roots! It adds volume & absorbs oils!


KENRA Volume Dry Shampoo

This shine spray smells godly! I love using this spray with any style. It adds that straight out of the shampoo commercial kind of shine. Spray an even amount throughout hair when you're finished with your style!


KENRA Shine Spray

This is my fav pomade! It is perfect for smoothing out any frizzies in updos and creating the most smooth braids! Use a small amount on every strand of a braid, always brushing through. You'll be amazed!


KENRA Platinum Working Wax

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