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14 Ways to Show Up For Your Partner

Today & Everyday! I am around weddings A LOT. Like a lot. So, I see love all the time! I recently read the book "The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and freaking loved it!! It changed so many previous ideas that I had about marriage and relationships. I recommend every person reading this great book!

So in lieu of this great book, enjoy this list I have compiled

of 14 Ways to Show Up for Your Partner!

1. helping with to-do lists

Knocking off a task for a partner can be serious help, especially during busy seasons of life. What can you help them with that will ease some stress?

2. Buy them a book

One that you think that they will really enjoy. Reading is important for all off us to do, it is exercising for our minds!

3. Love Notes for 7 Days

We sometimes forget the power of a good ol' love note, commit to 7 days of hand written love notes and witness the joy on your partners face!

4. Create a Photo book

Go to Shutter Fly. Guys, I seriously love this website. They make it super easy to put together an extra special gift for your lovey and it is not expensive! I love the idea of putting together all of the silly & random photos you've taken together and putting them in a book!

5. Get boudoir photos done

This is basically a gift for both parties! Your partner will seriously love how confident and sexy you look in your photos!

6. Take them to a Workshop

There are so many cool workshops out there these days! Going to a workshop is a great way to get creative with your partner! Check out Bells Box Collective for a fun workshop to go to with your lovey! Get some dinner and drinks beforehand and show up with all of your crafty skills!

7. Breakfast in bed

Need I say more? This is an old-time favorite but will never go out of style. No matter how many times you do this for your partner, you will not disappoint! Check out this super sweet article for new breakfast in bed ideas!

8. Learn to Listen

This is a big one! We live in an age where listening is seriously hard sometimes. Did you know that the average attention-span is 7 seconds?! Learning to actually listen to your partner will do wonders for your relationship.

9. remind them how sexy they are

I get it! Sometimes, we forget to tell our partners how much we like to look at them. Its superficial and crazy but we are all just humans and we like to hear that our partners think we are good looking! Take some time today to tell your partner how much you love their butt!

10. Go for a walk

So understated but so powerful! Going for a walk is free and can be a great way to re-connect. Leave your phones at home and talk about your day or new things going on in your life. Nature is so healing!

11. Gift them a book of reasons why

We tell our partners everyday that we love them. But sometimes the reason why can be lost! It is so nice to hear or read these sentiments! I gifted this book to my partner and it is still sitting right in front of his work-space for him to see everyday!

12. Be honest with them

It's not always sunshine and rainbows and that's ok! Love is meant to be messy, but only if we communicate about it. Don't forget to share how you're feeling with your partner, they will always appreciate this in the long run.

13. Go for a dream drive

I got this idea from my dear friend Candace Primm, this is her and her fiance. Yep, that's right, they're totally getting married in May! she's an awesome wedding planner, check her out here! She told me once that her and Jonah go for a long drives and talk about all of the dreams they have. Everything from putting together a never before seen invention to what your ideal kitchen is going to look like one day!

14. Kissing & Cuddling at bedtime

Ok, I know this seems obvious but it is scientifically proven that cuddling and kissing before bed improves your relationship! Check out the article here!

We hope you put these new ways to the test and show up for your partner today!

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