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14 Ways to Show Up For Your Partner

Today & Everyday! I am around weddings A LOT. Like a lot. So, I see love all the time! I recently read the book "The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and freaking loved it!! It changed so many previous ideas that I had about marriage and relationships. I recommend every person reading this great book!

So in lieu of this great book, enjoy this list I have compiled

of 14 Ways to Show Up for Your Partner!

1. helping with to-do lists

Knocking off a task for a partner can be serious help, especially during busy seasons of life. What can you help them with that will ease some stress?

2. Buy them a book

One that you think that they will really enjoy. Reading is important for all off us to do, it is exercising for our minds!

3. Love Notes for 7 Days

We sometimes forget the power of a good ol' love note, commit to 7 days of hand written love notes and witness the joy on your partners face!

4. Create a Photo book

Go to Shutter Fly. Guys, I seriously love this website. They make it super easy to put together an extra special gift for your lovey and it is not expensive! I love the idea of putting together all of the silly & random photos you've taken together and putting them in a book!

5. Get boudoir photos done

This is basically a gift for both parties! Your partner will seriously love how confident and sexy you look in your photos!

6. Take them to a Workshop