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3 Steps to find Your Perfect Red Lipstick

We believe that every girl needs to have in her arsenal of makeup a perfect red lipstick. There is nothing more powerful than putting on some red lips and walking out the door! If you've always been too shy or embarrassed to wear red lips, let me be the person to tell you that no one is staring at them the way you are. Put on your lipstick, walk out of the house and don't look back! This way you're kind of stuck with it all day (or at least until you eat your lunch!)

1. Skin Tone

We’ve been hearing about finding your skin tone in the fashion and makeup world for years now! Not too long ago we were still referring to ourselves as Autumns or Springs. We’ve been talking about it for so long because it really is so important to understand your specific undertone! Not only will it change the way your makeup looks, it will change the clothes you choose to wear and the color you decide to dye your hair. It’s worth it to dive into different articles on finding your undertone to help in all areas of your style; but for now, let’s focus on some makeup!

Here’s a quick guide to help you better understand which shade will look best on you!

Now that you have the tools to figure out your skin tone, you can match it to your lipstick! All lipsticks will fall under one of these three categories. If you have a warm toned skin and you wear a cool toned lipstick, you might feel washed out! We want you to feel beautiful and confident in your red. To give you an example, Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color in Red Amour is warm toned, while Ruby Woo by MAC Cosmetics is cool toned.

2. Your Favorite Finish

We all know that lipsticks come in so many different finishes! Satin, Sheer, Matte, Shiny, I know there must be more out there. Matte shades are long-lasting but can be drying and Shiny shades are comfortable but can rub off easily. There's just always a catch 22!! If you're new to lipstick (especially reds), I would recommend to start with a creamy or shiny shade! You can easily build up the intensity with multiple swipes or you can go for a light sheer coverage with one swipe. In my opinion, shiny shades are more wearable and just all around more comfortable!

3. Your Lifestyle

This is the most important out of all three of theses steps! When choosing your perfect red you want to match up with your lifestyle. If you prefer to wear light makeup and only amp it up for fancy occasions you may choose to get a shiny finish shade that you can swipe on and wear off through out the day! If you love wearing a full face of makeup and you totally dig the fierce look of a matte lipstick, go for the matte! Try out different styles and colors before settling. It may take you multiple trips to Target & Sephora before you find your perfect red and that is the joy in all of this, the fun in the journey!

And after all of this...

you’re like “Megan, I still don’t understand…makeup is just makeup!” You’re so right, makeup is JUST makeup! And at the end of the day, you can wear whatever freaking shade of lipstick you want. Just wear it with a smile and confidence!!

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