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5 Tips for finding the best hotel room to get ready in

The morning of your wedding can be a whole other event that needs to be planned! What are we eating for breakfast? What time does hair and makeup start? Where will we be getting ready?! You will want to be relaxing and enjoying your special day! Not cleaning up after your house guests and rushing around! Getting a hotel room to get ready in for the morning of your wedding can be a huge stress relief! Plus how often do you have a reason to stay in a nice hotel and hangout with your girlfriends?!

There are so many things to consider when booking a hotel room for your wedding morning! Here we will discuss the 5 basic things that you should be considering when booking your hotel stay!

1. The location

You will definitely want a hotel that is in close proximity to your venue! This will probably end up being your deciding factor. If you don't use a hotel that is close enough to your venue, you will also have to plan transportation whether that be a limo, your dads car or a party bus! I always recommend asking your venue for their recommendations, they will definitely be able to give you the closest hotels possible if you're having trouble!

2. The Lighting

Natural light rocks!! It is perfect for makeup and for photos! Be on the lookout for a hotel room that has big windows. Although I always bring my lighting kit just in case for makeup, natural light is always better! Plus you will thank me later when you see how beautiful your photos are in that room.

3. The look

The look of the hotel room will not only help you feel better but will look way better in photos then just any old hotel room. The bed and getting ready area is going to be the main thing that is photographed so make sure the bed looks tidy and pretty!

4. The Size

This is always a struggle! Some hotel rooms are so tiny you can just about fit 2 people standing next to each other. Especially if you have a large bridal party, you will definitely need a lot of extra room to make sure that your girls are comfy. You'll need space for hair and makeup set up as well. Look for areas like large desks or dining tables for spaces for hair and makeup to get y'all ready at!

5. the amount of nights

With regular hotel check in and check out times typically being early afternoon, you'll probably need to book two nights at your hotel of choice for getting ready! This works out great though because you'll need a hotel to stay in the night of your wedding anyway!! Just make sure you clean it up before you leave in the morning so you and your lovey aren't coming back to a mess!

My biggest advice...

Book a hotel room!! I am often getting brides ready in their parents home or their home. While this can be great for the coziness of being at home and sleeping in your own bed, sometimes houses don't have everything you need for the wedding day. Things like a full length mirror, extra space, a closet for hanging gowns and big windows!

You might have what you need at your home but you can save everyone around you a lot of stress of not having to manage the time it takes to get everything clean and organized, ordering breakfast and keeping everyone comfy. If you have the means to book a hotel room, I will always recommend this!



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