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6 Habits of People With Great Skin

Updated: May 10, 2020

People always wonder what makeup products will help them achieve the most flawless skin. And let me tell you friends, it's got nothing to do with the makeup. If you truly want to have that flawless skin look, you have to take care of your skin like you want that damn flawless skin! Let's dive in.

1. They double cleanse.

I know, it may seem like an extra step in an already annoying thing that you have to do before you lay down. But it's so worth it!! Your first cleanse should be something like an oil-based cleanser to help grab on to the natural oils of your skin and whisk them away. The second cleanse should be a sudsy type cleanser to really help clean your pores. You will be amazed at how much cleaner your skin feels.

Don't believe me? Clean your face like you normally would, pat dry and then use a makeup wipe over your skin. You will be amazed by how much dirt and gunk is still on your skin after you've washed it.

2. They use a skin-care system for their specific skin type.

Having dry, sensitive skin and using harsh exfoliators on it will only cause more irritation and redness. Just like with anything, there is not a one size fits all answer. Everyone has different skin types and skin needs. Someone with oily skin may need less moisturizing products. Someone with dry skin may need all of the moisture they can get!

The bigger issue is that certain products you are currently using causing your skin to be unbalanced! Meaning that your skin type may not even be what you think it is. Confusing, I know. But, you can find out ways to find out your specific skin type later in tip #6!

3. They take their makeup off every day

Neutrogena makeup wipes are not the answer my friend. Not only are they absolutely terrible on the environment, but they also do not remove all of your makeup! Leaving makeup on your face overnight is the best way to have clogged pores and acne.

Using an oil-based cleanser with a microfiber towel is a really great way to remove your makeup. I purchased a Makeup Eraser last year and have loved it ever since! It is reusable and feels so soft on the skin. Using an oil-based cleanser like the Dermalogica Precleanse is the best way to remove makeup. The reason why oil-cleansers are great at removing makeup is that most makeup is oil-based. Oil mixes with oil to whisk the makeup away!

4. They use SPF.

I wish I could stand from the rooftops and scream this to people. Did you know that sun damage is one of the leading causes of skin damage? Sun damage can appear in many ways on your skin. It causes premature wrinkles, sunspots, and much more. The most frustrating thing is that this is preventable!

Sunscreen is one of the most important things you can use in your skincare routine. It should be the last product you put on and it should be applied to all areas of the skin that the sun will see! I recommend the brand Supergoop! for their SPF products. They know what they're doing when it comes to SPF.

5. They moisturize.

Moisturizing is so important for every single skin type! I don't care if you have oily, dry, combination, or any skin in between, you need to be moisturizing twice daily. Due to so many environmental factors like pollution, air quality, the sun's rays, & more, we can have a serious breakdown of our protective barrier on our skin. Using a moisturizer is the best way to restore this barrier. Especially for my oily-babes; if you are stripping your skin of its oils constantly, it will only produce more oil.

The more moisturized our skin is, the better our skin will look when we're 85. On top of it all, most of us these days don't drink enough water so our skin is even more de-hydrated! So drink up, bitches.

6. They see an esthetician.

Seeing an esthetician is a lot like getting a personal trainer. You can work out and see results all by yourself without the services of a personal trainer but it may take you much longer, cost you more money and become more frustrating. You're right, you could do these services at home for yourself without paying some dollars, but the reality is that the professional esthetician has a specialty in treating skin and will save you time, money and agony.

Not only is a facial a super relaxing, pamper yourself kind of moment; you will see serious results in your skin! Estheticians can specialize in acne, anti-aging, peels & so much more so it's important to find one that you vibe well with on multiple levels. Remember, stick to the pros!

It's a process

Learning how to take care of your skin is a process! It's not a habit that you will pick up overnight. It will take a lot of trial and error in finding what products work best for you but that is the fun of it! Once you figure it out, your skin will be the happiest little organ!



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