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6 Things you should do the week of your wedding

Yeah, that's right! Last week we chatted about the 6 things you really shouldn't do the week of your wedding. And this week I wanted to come back and tell y'all the 6 things that you should definitely be doing the week of your wedding!

Check in with your vendors

If it's not the week of your wedding and you're reading this, I would recommend creating a master list of every single vendor that will be helping create your magical day. This list should include your vendors business name, email address and phone number and any details that are super important to them. Getting in contact with your vendors the week of your wedding is the perfect check in to calm your nerves! Just saying a quick "hello, can't wait to see this weekend, let me know if there's anything else you need from me" is perfect. Staying in contact with your vendors especially as the event gets close will help both of you stay right on track.

Spend time with your lovey

Everyone seems to forget about this one! This will be the last week that you two will spend not as a married couple. That is huge! Take a few moments to just enjoy each other this week and do relaxing, fun things that y'all love to do together. Get some ice cream, watch a funny movie, or go for a walk. Bonus, getting some fresh air will help clear your head! Leave your phones at home and remember why y'all love each other so damn much!

Listen to your body

When I say this, I mean eating, sleeping, working out and everything else. I think that staying consistent with moving your body the week of your wedding is an amazing idea. You will feel energized and probably feel pretty good about yourself! But for the love of everything, please don't push yourself into feeling sore and terrible the day of your wedding because you just had to get that last workout in before the big day because you would feel bad if you didn't. Listen to your body and give yourself a break (and some grace) when you need it.

Eat a balanced diet

I don't mean to starve yourself because you've just got to fit into that tiny, tiny dress. I mean exactly that, eat a BALANCED diet! That means that if you want to have some cookies one day, then eat some cookies. If your body is craving protein then eat some protein, If your body is feeling sluggish then eat some energizing food. This goes back to my previous point but listening to your body is so helpful when you're under high stress situations. Sometimes food can be the exact thing that you needed to get the pep back in your step to keep on trucking!

Drink tons of water

Coming from a makeup and skin standpoint... PLEASE drink tons of water!! You will notice the difference in your skin after just a few days of consistent water consumption. Your skin will appear brighter, more clear and definitely more hydrated. You might be peeing a ton but I promise, you'll thank me later for this one.


You need to remember to relax this week!! Take time out for yourself and reconnect to who you are. Doing relaxing things that make you remember how grateful you are for the life you live will be the perfect gear up for a whirlwind that a wedding weekend is. If you've never tried meditation, this might be a good week to give it a go!


The wedding is coming whether you feel ready or not! Remember that this is supposed to be fun and you will look back in 30 years and laugh at the stress you are feeling today. Hell, you will probably look back in a month and laugh at the stress you are feeling right now! Take a deep breath, girl.



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