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6 things you shouldn't do the week of your wedding.

The week of your wedding will be filled with so much happiness, over-excitement and joy! Often times the week of your wedding can be filled with last minute to dos and you might find yourself not really thinking about what you may be doing! Anything from causing a breakout to harming your skin to adding stress. You will be hearing advice from all different people about what you shouldn't and should do the week of your wedding and I'm here to add to that list. Without further ado, I'm here to tell you the 6 things that you shouldn't do the week of your wedding!

1. Get a spray tan for the first time.

If you grew up at all in the 2000's you've seen some pretty bad orange spray tans. If you've never gotten a spray tan before and are trying out a new person or salon for the first time; PLEASE get a trial spray tan at least a month before the wedding! If you love it then this will give you enough time to book them for another session the week of and if you hate it then this gives you some time to look for another person or salon! The last thing you want is to look like you're heading to a chocolate factory rather than your wedding.

2. Whiten your teeth the morning of.

Whitening your teeth the morning of is often the last little step to ensure that you have that beautiful shining smile! But this is not the greatest idea. White strips can leave behind splotches of color and cause your smile to look worse than you started! Not to mention, the added stress of experiencing any sensitivity to the strips! The best option is to have your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist. If this is not an option for you then I would recommend using white strips up until a week before the wedding!

3. Pimple Popping.

I am the first person here that should be listening to my own damn advice! Popping your own pimples or picking at your face is NEVER good; especially not the week of your wedding. I know it will be hard but try not to touch your face excessively, leave the damn pimple alone! It is much easier to cover up a bump with makeup (and edit it out later!) than cover up a scab that has texture to it because you spent all night trying to get rid of it!

4. Get a facial for the first time.

I know, you're thinking "but I want to be pampered the week of!" And that is totally ok, but you should be pampering yourself for months. Getting a facial and taking care of your skin is a compacting process. Meaning that, the more you do for it and the more you care, the better it will get! I always recommend seeing an esthetician as least 2-3 months before your wedding. They will be able to put you on a good skin care routine and set you up for facials leading up until your wedding so your skin looks and feels flawless!!

5. Waxing anything within 72 hours.

Girl, I know them brows are probably bothering you. But whatever you do, don't wax anything within 72 hours of your wedding. When you wax, it is taking off layers of skin as well as the hairs. Which means that makeup can lay very differently on freshly waxed skin! It often separates and has difficulty grabbing onto the face. If you think you'll need to do any waxing before the wedding, plan to do it at least 5-7 days before! And if you forget to touch up your brows, only use tweezers to get excess hairs!

6. Try out ANY new products.

I was at a wedding once and one of the bridesmaids used a face mask that shes never used before on her skin. After a bit, she took it off like normal and thought everything was fine! Then, I looked over and saw that her entire face was bright red and it had started to irritate her. She was having an allergic reaction to the mask! We were able to get the situation under control with some allergy relief and a good face scrub but this is not how you want your morning to go, I can promise you that!! Within a week of the wedding, do not try any new products! You never know if you will have an allergic reaction to a product until you use it and your wedding day is not the day to mess around with the possibility of this happening.

Well, there you go!

Some people will tell you not to have any alcohol or coffee or eat anything that is delicious the week before. But, I am just not here to tell you to restrict yourself from your life like that. Be happy girly and eat that damn donut.

Happy Wedding Week!



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