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Bridal Touch Up Kits

One of the biggest questions that I get asked is about the longevity of my makeup application for brides. While I believe that the makeup that I do has serious lasting power, after all, it is not permanent by any means! So the next best option is to start thinking about bringing along a touch up kit that fits your needs. Let's chat about the pros and cons and what things you should consider putting into yours!

The ProS

Having your lipstick perfect all night is a pretty awesome thing. Often times people don't think about it until they get their pictures back and see pictures from 2 hours into their wedding and they wish that their look stayed the same as when they were in the chair. It's just the reality of makeup, it won't last forever! Especially with as much movement, kissing, sweating, eating and drinking is happening. You won't regret having at least a touch up lipstick to keep yourself looking fresh all day! Plus, how nice is it to have a sentimental wedding day lip color? I think that is so special!

As you'll see in our free printable, I recommend to have lots of products that will help keep your look fresh and put together. But, I also recommend having this touch up kit for more emergency type things as well. You just don't know when the moment may arise that you'll need a bobbi pin or tide-to-go pen!! You'd rather be way over prepared than way under prepared.

Fun fact, I also include Q-tips in all of my touch up kits. Q-tips are life savers when it comes to tears. You'll be thankful to have these little types of things to help keep the day running smooth!

The Cons

So while I think touch up kits are the bees knees, I know that they're not for everyone. One of the biggest cons you may ask? You just might not use it. Wedding days are busy! You might wake up the next morning and see your touch up kit sitting on the hotel dresser, never even being taken out of the hotel room. While this is obviously not the goal, some people just forget that they were worried at all about the state of their makeup or hair!

The other thing to consider is that it just may be too stressful for you to have to worry about your makeup at all. You might feel overwhelmed by having one more thing on your plate and that is ok! My biggest advice for this is to put your touch up kit in the hands of someone you trust. May it be your mom, your sister or your bff. Make sure that they're aware of the things that you may want to touch up and willing to be honest with you when you do need to touch up! Taking this off of your plate will be so helpful in you feeling less stressed out.

What should I put in my touch up kit?

Well, that's up to you, sweet thang! Everything that goes into your touch up kit bag should be a necessity for touching up. When building your touch up kit, you should consider the things that you most worry about day-to-day with your own makeup routine. What are your makeup struggles? What is the first thing to fade on you? Are you worried about your oils popping through? Maybe consider packing some blotting papers and touch up powder. Are you worried about your lipstick fading after that first glass of champagne? Maybe consider bringing your wedding day lipstick color so you can have a touch up at a moment's notice!

Free Touch Up Kit Download

YES! You read that right. We've included a FREE touch up kit downloadable. Use our checklist to let your stress melt away. We've listed out all of the necessities for making your makeup look fresh and new all day long.

Click this image to download your very own!

Don't Forget

To be realistic about what you will want to touch up throughout your wedding night! You'd be surprised by how often we get busy dancing and laughing that we forget to touch up our lipstick.



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