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Cheap date Ideas because weddings are expensive AF

Oh yeah girl, we get it. Weddings can find you reaching into your pockets and wondering where that $5 went? Date night once a week, for 3 months means 12 cheap date ideas to keep the extra bucks ya got flowing. We hope this helps you get creative and start spending some serious quality time together!

1. Thrift Shopping!

This sounds weird but trust me. My boyfriend and I will go to a Goodwill and just search for the funniest things! We especially like to go to the book section and try to match up two book titles to make one long funny title. I'm telling you, you could spend hours doing this! There is no pressure to purchase anything but ya never know what you might find. Hello, $6 new black and white lamp!

2. Go hiking!

This is one of my favorite things because I freaking love nature! It is free, besides gas and maybe parking, and just so fun!! Pick a trail and a park that sounds interesting to you. Charlotte has such great trails even within the city! For a local spot, check out The White Water Center or Crowder's Mountain. You won't be disappointed with either!

3. Check out a new brewery!

This costs a bit of money, but normally for $20 you can get two beers each with tip! Take a weeknight and check out one of my fav spots Lenny Boy Brewing Company in Charlotte. On Wednesdays they have a Kombucha special that will make you want to go every week!

4. Ikea Trip!

Get in the car and head to your closest Ikea! It can be really fun to take your time to walk around and look at all of their cool pieces and gadgets. Brainstorm together all about what your dream place is going to look like someday! Are you going to have white subway tiles in your kitchen or a colorful mosaic? The possibilities are endless!

5. Organize Together!

You're probably like "Megan... seriously?" YES! Go binge watch Marie Kondo's Netflix show and you will understand why organizing and de-cluttering feels so dang good. You should take some time to go through all of the possessions you currently have! It will probably double after all of the wedding gifts and it will be 10x worse to organize when you still have your t-shirt from band camp in 5th grade laying around.

6. Go for a run!

Some people probably read that and x'ed out of their browser!! Seriously y'all, exercising with your partner is proven to make your relationship better. Hello endorphins + spending time with your fav person. What could be better?!

7. Turn off the lights!

You know what's completely free? Sex! Just saying! Rachel Hollis, author of "Girl, wash your face." Talks a