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Going crazy over which makeup brush to use?

Updated: May 10, 2020

I know, it can be confusing! There are so many makeup brushes on the market. Some have weird shapes, some are small, some are big and you never know which ones to buy! Well, I want you to have some clarity and be able to do your makeup with ease next time you get to leave the house... hopefully that's soon!

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Where should I buy My brushes?

I strongly believe that having the right tool for the job will help you get to your goal the best way! But, I don't think you need to spend loads of money to get good quality brushes! There are so many brushes out there that are reasonably priced and would be a perfect addition to your makeup kit.

My personal favorite would have to be Sigma Brushes. I've had a set of these brushes since I first started practicing makeup over 10 years ago! While they are a bit pricier than my next two options, they are seriously high quality. You can purchase them directly from their website.

Morphe is a cult favorite in the beauty community to buy good quality brushes. They have a plethora of different styles and kinds making it really easy to pick the right ones for you! You can find these bad boys at any Morphe store or most Ulta's!

I also absolutely adore Real Techniques brushes as well. These are very affordable and easy to get! They are sold in most drugstores like Target and CVS.

How many brushes do I even need?

I get asked this question so often! & to be honest, there's no one answer. The amount of brushes you need is different from person to person! It depends on the makeup you do day-to-day and what you will need to achieve the looks you want to create. If you are a more natural girl, you may only need the basics. If you like to spice it up from time to time, you may want to have a few different ones.

If you're not sure about which brushes you'll need exactly, I recommend purchasing a full brush set! This is a great option for people that don't necessarily know which brush to use for what yet. It gives you the ability to learn what you like and don't like in a tool.

If you know a bit more about makeup and are looking to slowly change up your brushes, I recommend buying singular brushes! This is the best way to get the exact ones that you will need for your specific routine.

How do I clean my brushes?

Now, this is the easy part! Cleaning your brushes is so important to avoid bacteria spread. I recommend giving your makeup brushes a good, deep clean once a week! Deep cleaning your brushes involves using a brush cleaning soap, lukewarm water, and a brush cleaning mat.

I personally recommend Clean Apothecary for your brush shampoo! It is a woman-owned small business & she has a great message behind her brand. All of her soap bars are meant for pro makeup artists to clean brushes. They are organic & sustainable!

I also love using a brush cleaning mat to make sure that I'm getting all of the gunk out from in between the bristles, these from Sigma! They have ones that suction cup to your sink, one that you wear as a mitt and more all in different colors!

FREE Brush Guide Download!

This is going to help you guys be the most amazing artists! Click here to download our complete brush guide. Feel free to print it out and keep it around for when you need a little extra help!

You got this!

I hope that this helped ease a bit of the confusion behind makeup brushes! I know it can be tricky but it just takes a little patience and practice. Please message me with any questions you may have and I'd be happy to answer them for you!



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