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How to know if a vendor is right for you

With the world of social media and everyone you meet being an entrepreneur these days it can be seriously difficult to sift through it all! There are endless different styles and energies and when choosing a vendor, you want to ensure that they match you!

Getting along with your vendors will create a seamless experience that is actually FUN to talk to them! Read along as we help you to understand how to find the best vendors for you!

1. They came recommended from another vendor!

This is a good tell-tale sign. Don't be afraid to ask the vendors you've already booked for their favs in the industry. More often then not, if they are recommending someone to you, they've already worked with them and their styles match well! This takes out half of the guessing and design work for you.

2. Your style matches theirs!

If your style is ethereal and farmhouse and their is a venue that is industrial and dark... well let's just say you probably won't mesh! This is definitely not to say that vendors aren't flexible and skilled in many styles but your vendor will be best suited for the style they specialize in. Don't be afraid to take time searching for the right fit. Sometimes you need to pick some weeds before you can find a couple roses.

3. after chatting, you feel like they are more excited than you!

Wedding planning can be daunting and exhausting. When you talk to your vendor on the phone, do they sound pumped up for your half-up, half-down style with natural glam?! I sure freaking hope so!! You want your vendor to be just as excited, if not more, than you! Having a genuinely supportive team around you will keep you feeling thrilled for the event even during the most stressful times.

4. They understand your stressors...

& want to help you reduce them! As a hair and makeup artist, my main goal is to create a stress-free morning while you are getting ready. Your vendor should be ready to handle any and all curve balls that may be thrown at them during your special day. After all, you did pay us to be there for you and personally, I want to be there for you in every way I can!

5. Their main concern is your happiness with the experience!

We've all been there, we started working with someone and you can tell that their only concern is the paycheck they get at the end of the day. NO BUENO! The goal is to feel like your vendor only has your wedding day to worry about. Of course you understand that this is not the case but YES, you should feel that special!

When choosing your vendor you should have complete confidence that they are going to help you execute the best event ever with as little stress as possible. We hope this helped you see the possibilities of finding the best vendors.

If you need help, please reach out to us! We have a long list of vendors that we absolutely LOVE!



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