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How to Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that everybody in the world wants to look & feel their best on their wedding day! Between waxing, getting your nails done, having a hair and makeup trial & everything in between, it can seem like your to-do list gets to be a mile long. That is why I am here to help! I wanted to create a full to-do list of things that you should be thinking about before the big day so you don't skip a beat. Keep reading to get your FREE printable to-do list to help keep you on track!

Now, with all of that being said. Please know that you do not have to do any of these things to look & feel your best for your wedding day! If you feel the best being au natural or fully glammed up or somewhere in between, just let your personality shine through and you will look beautiful either way!

Hair Removal

Personally, I remove just about every hair on my body from my lip-stasche down! Waxing is my personal favorite method. It's not painless but it's quick & effective. The results of waxing can last 2-4 weeks! Although it is a common myth, waxing does not stimulate hair growth. Over time, waxing can actually cause your hair to stop growing! I don't know about you but that sounds worth it to me.

To get the absolute most out of your waxing treatments you will need to set a plan in place & book your appointments leading up to your wedding. This is the most important part of waxing! You can not expect to go in for one appointment and get the full benefits of the services. It will take roughly 2-4 months of a strict no shaving regimen to get the full effect. Booking your appointments ahead of time will help you schedule out when the best time will be to get your wax right before your wedding! You'll want to stop shaving 2 weeks before your appointment and book 2 weeks in between. This gives the hair plenty of time to grow & be waxed at the perfect stage of hair growth. Can you imagine having a hairless bikini line while you're lying on the beach in Mexico? Yeah, book that damn wax appointment.

Skin Care

This is one of my biggest tips for brides! Please, please, please... take care of your skin before your wedding day! Just like waxing, you can not expect to go in for one facial and see immediate results. In fact, if you go in for a facial the week of your wedding and end up having some kind of reaction to one of their products then you'll be so disappointed!

Finding a great, referred by a friend facialist is important. Book a consultation about 6-12 months before your wedding to see them and get their full opinion on how you can get your skin in order for the big day! They may refer you to a dermatologist for more serious cases of acne & skin issues, but if not they will definitely be able to provide an extensive skincare regimen that will get your skin glowing by the wedding day.


I absolutely LOVE getting my nails done!! It is such a nice time to take care of yourself. I've had some brides opt-out of getting manicures before the big day and just do their own nails, they almost always regret it. I know you are already spending loads of money & it seems small but when you look back at photos of yourself holding your groom's hand, you might be a bit disappointed if your nails look ratchet. I personally love when brides incorporate their wedding colors into their look in small details like their nails! Especially if it is the same or similar color to the bridesmaid's gowns, it can be such a nice touch.

Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is the absolute first defense in fighting against premature aging! 90% of aging is caused by sun-damage, meaning that you can prevent that. This is, of course, important all year round but especially when it gets closer to your wedding. The worst thing you can do is spend a bunch of time outside right before your wedding and get terrible sunburn. You'll end up red, flaking, peeling & all over uncomfortable on a day that is supposed to be amazing. Do yourself a favor and stay protected the weeks prior to your wedding.

Spray Tanning

I know you probably wanted to get your tan on before your big day but the sun is just not the way to go! There are too many negatives on that route. Instead, opt out for a spray tan. Spray tans are great for that immediate, no-fuss glow. You'll want to get your spray 2-3 days before your wedding & plan all other appointments before your spray tan as things, like waxing or getting your nails done, can affect the color of the tan. You'll be glowing like you just stepped off of the beach without all of the sun damage!

If you want to learn more about spray tanning, check out our blog post we released last week all about sunless tanning.

Photo by: Connection Photography

Stop Shampooing

If you haven't heard of how amazing it is to wash your hair once a week then you must be under a rock. I know this isn't the case for everybody but I only have to "wash" my hair once a week. YEP! That's it, once a week. Why I think this is so important for a wedding day is because you will be able to understand your hair better when you are giving it time to breathe. You can understand what your hair is capable of and what its not based on the day you are in between washes. Sometimes having too clean of hair is not good for styling either because there is not enough grit. The more you are washing your hair, the more you are training your hair to understand that it gets washed every day! You are drying out your scalp & your scalp is making even more oil to combat this. Meaning that you are forever stuck in a cycle of oily hair!

How do you get out of the cycle? Well, the way that I got to this point is by training my hair to be comfortable in between washes. Start by washing your hair every other day and slowly work up from there. Go week by week and see how much your hair texture changes over time!

Drink Water

I know, I say this all the damn time. I wish I could stop too. But drink your damn water people!! We all know that water is super important for your body but it is just as important for your skin! The more water you are drinking, the more toxins that are being cleared out of your body. Having dehydrated skin can make you look more tired, puffy and cause you to have darker under-eye circles! Drinking enough water is not just important for your wedding day but every single day of your life.

Download your free to-do list

Love to-do lists? Click below to download our free beauty wedding day prep to-do list for a full guide on when to book appointments and what needs to get done before the big day to help you feel the best!

Get all your ducks in a row

Go make those appointments, go get that reusable water & gear up!! The next couple of months is going to be a wild ride. But remember, this is all supposed to be FUN!



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