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How to prep your bridal party for the big day

Who else loves being surrounded by their best girl friends?! There is nothing quite like the feeling of sharing old memories, eating snacks and watching rom-coms! Getting ready with your girls on your wedding day is no different! It is always so fun to be able to drink mimosas, go over last minute details, give gifts and just laugh together. I wanted to share a little bit that I've learned throughout the years of the best ways to prep your bridal party for the morning of the big day!

1. It will be a long day.

If your bridesmaids have never been a part of a wedding day, they might be surprised by the 8:00 am call time! This is average as we need time to get all you sweet babes ready for the day. Wedding days typically run from 8:00 am until about 11:00 pm (if you're not having an after party!!) Make sure that your girls are well rested and ready to be awake and going for 12+ hours! P.S. Red-bulls just might be the best life-saver you need on a long wedding day.

2. Come prepared.

You really don't want one of your bridesmaids pushing back the timeline for hair and makeup because they can't decide on what to do with their hair! Make sure that your bridesmaids are aware of the strict timeline we set set in place and that are coming with reference photos of the looks they'd like. They should have freshly washed and completely dry hair and a face free of all makeup residue. This will make the morning go so smoothly and will keep hair and makeup right on track!

3. You might need some help.

Often times there will be last minute details you'll need to set in place for the ceremony or reception. The goal is to make sure that the bride is not running around like crazy trying to do everything! Prep your friends and family with a list of tasks that need to get done before the festivities and let them know how much you appreciate their time and energy; you will feel so much stress melt off of you if you just ask for some help!

4. Take lots of pictures!

Often times the photographer's won't get there until the bride is almost done getting ready. This means that there is a chance that you might miss some moments for photo-ops. If you really want to capture every moment of your day, have one of your bridesmaids on morning photo duty! When you receive sentimental gifts from them, letters from the groom, or you're just crying because you're so happy and can't believe the day is here. You will not regret having pictures of these moments years to come so don't forget to capture them!

5. Create a wedding-jam playlist.

I would be rich if I had a dollar for every time someone forgot to bring the speaker on the wedding day. Put one of your most musically inclined bridesmaids on music duty! Make sure that they're bringing a speaker for the morning and if you're feeling frisky, have them create a playlist! There are some great playlists on Spotify and Pandora but there is nothing like having a playlist of all of your favorite throwbacks mixed in with some sappy love songs.

And don't forget...

Enjoy your time with your girls!! Life gets crazy and often times we don't get to see our friends as much as we'd like. Weddings are the time for all of your loved ones to be around celebrating YOU! Be thankful to have your closest girls there and remember to celebrate your friendship!



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