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How to shop for beauty products on a budget

Can't imagine spending $100 on face cream? Trust me, I get it! Years ago I would never imagine spending my hard-earned cash on beauty products that I felt like I could get the same quality for cheaper. Who isn't a total fan of finding a good deal? Today I want to chat with you guys about how to find the best beauty steals & how to find the best products on a budget. Let's dive in!

The reality of expensive makeup

The reality is that if you don't care all that much about makeup, why would you want to spend your coin on it? What we purchase has a lot to do with our value system. We make purchases based on a number of different factors but at the top is our feelings. Some people may purchase things to "keep up with the jones," some people make purchase things because it will make them feel pretty and some people just purchase things because they are trying to fill a void somewhere else in their life. Let's be honest, we've all been there!!

If you are someone who values doing their makeup then it doesn't surprise me that you enjoy spending your money on nicer, more expensive products. Some people just don't have that as a priority in their life and that is perfectly fine too! We all choose every day what we value most to spend our money on. & the hard truth is, expensive makeup is not a necessity.

Drugstore makeup

I value giving my clients the best of the best. & that means providing them with expensive, high-end products that they may not experience in their everyday life! While I do this in my professional kit, it doesn't mean that I'm using all-expense beauty items in my own personal routine. There is a balance in everything! This goes for high-end and drugstore but you should always, always read reviews. There are likely 1000's of other people just like you that tried out that product and you could get some seriously helpful insight from! Do your research and make informed decisions and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

my favorite drugstore products

I wanted to share some of my all-time fav drugstore products! These are things that I have in my personal makeup bag at all times. Click the picture below to go directly to the product!