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How the hell do I prepare for a bridal trial?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

If your trial is here that means that your wedding is almost here and that means that you are almost MARRIED! EEK! Let's get you ready for one of the most exciting parts of planning the wedding.

1. What is a trial?

A Bridal trial is a time where you and your stylist decide on what your final look will be for your wedding day! It is perfect for y'all to get to know each other and start cultivating that relationship. They will be one of your right-hand people on the day of! Our trials are required for our brides because we want to start learning all about you and your fabulous life before your wedding day!

2. Timing

We like to hold your trial about 1-2 months before your wedding so you have plenty of time to pick the most perfect style for your special day! It will about 2 hours of Makeup & Hair glamming, chatting, and dreaming.

3. What to bring

It is so important that you come to your trial with an idea in mind! Ideally, you should bring 2-3 photos of pretty styles you like for both Makeup & Hair. It is super important to search for pictures of people that have similar features to you. If you have brown hair, look for brown hair bridal updos. Similarly, if you have green eyes, look for bridal makeup photos with green eyes! This will be super helpful to get an idea of what already looks great on people that look like you.

As a side note, I know this sounds crazy but hear me out. You should also bring photos of stuff you HATE! Basically, we want you to show us the things we need to absolutely avoid for your glam!

Are you wearing a hair accessory, a princess crown, or a veil? We should know this at the trial. Make sure you bring it along with you in your bag of tricks so we can see the look pulled all together!

4. Day Of

Please come to your trial ready with freshly washed, completely dry hair and a bare face with your everyday moisturizer! Please wear a tank top or strapless top so we can get the best match for your skin tone.

5. Be Honest!

If you take nothing else away from this, take this one piece of advice. You need to remember that you should be 100% honest with your artist. This is SO important! We are humans and sometimes we might not be able to communicate just the right look you're wanting. We are here to make your bridal dreams come true and if that means that you want to try a different lip color, you want extra volume in your do' or even a different eye look! Our job is to make you like the happiest little bride ever and we dedicate ourselves to that mission! We would rather you walk away glowing with excitement than feeling uneasy.

6. After

After our glamming sessions, we will take all the pretty photos of your style and send them over to you! We recommend that you show your bridal plans to your sweet mama and maybe a couple of your closest tribe members. Be careful not to show too many people, you still want people to be surprised by the look you pull together on your wedding day and that might spoil it.

Are you excited?!

We sure do hope so! The trial always reminds us how close the wedding is and it gives us the excitement jitters like nothing else! Side note, you should plan a dinner date the night of to get the most out of your session!




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