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Should I pay for my bridesmaids to get glammed?

I get asked this question with almost every bride that comes to our lil' family! "What is the proper etiquette?" "Do I have to pay for them?" "Can they pay for themselves?"

I get it, weddings are uber expensive and if you can save a few bucks here and there, you should! No one should be paying off their wedding 10 years down the road. Let's talk about the pros and cons and educate ourselves on the matter!

1. Is this their gift?

Your bridesmaids are doing A LOT for you! I'm sure they are so appreciative and thankful to be there with you on your special day but everyone knows that being a bridesmaid is expensive and a lot of work! Especially if you are around that age where everyone you know is tying the knot, it can be super stressful on your friends.

If you want to do something special for them, I think gifting them hair and makeup can be a super sweet gesture. They will feel so beautiful and look put together in pictures and it takes one more thing off of their plate.

2. Do you want them all to have a similar style in photos?

I always recommend paying for at least one service for your bridesmaids if you can't afford both! Whether that be hair or makeup. When all bridesmaids have their hair done and they did their own makeup, they look cohesive! The same goes for makeup.

You want all of your bridesmaids to be uniform in some way, when you look back at pictures you will be so happy that your bridesmaids matched and looked like one big family! Look at these girls below, her whole bridal party got their hair done and only a few got makeup done and they look bangin'.

3. Will it cause you to go over budget?

I know, you really want this day to be perfect! Please, please, please do not go over budget and go in to debt to pay for hair and makeup for your bridal party. There are many expenses when it comes to weddings and this is just one little part of them. If it means that you are going way over budget, reconsider! Maybe consider this next option.

4. finally, Don't make it a requirement.

I really advise against making it a requirement for your bridesmaids to pay for their hair and makeup. I know this may be controversial but your bridesmaids are already paying a lot of money to be there for you on your special day and it will cause a point of contention if you're pushing them to get their hair and makeup done.

I recommend leaving it as an option! I would bring it up to them and if they're interested, they will understand that they will need to pay for the services!

At the end of the day, it will not be a big deal if it is just you, your sister and your mama getting their hair and makeup done. Everyone will still look beautiful in pictures and you won't even remember this small detail of such a big day.



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