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skin prep 101: the first step to flawless makeup

I would argue that skin-prep is the VIP of makeup. Seriously! If your skin prep is lacking, your makeup will lack. In my eyes, there is no point in wasting your time putting together a perfect makeup look when it will crumble and crack off your face from lack of moisture. Or if it will slide off due to sweating and oiliness!

Don't fear

I'm here to save the day! In today's blog post we are going to explore everything there is to know about skin prep, why it is so important for your makeup routine and why you'll thank me later! You want your skin to look like the beautiful model Cici over here?! Then keep on reading, girl!

Dry Skin?

I suffered from dry skin at one point in my life so I can speak from experience when saying, I know it's rough! When you are not properly taking care of your dry skin it can leave you with flakes, uneven skin tone and patchiness.

Cleanser-Cleansing the skin should be the first step to any great makeup application. Leaving grime and natural oils on your face will create for an uneven base to start with. You might as well not even apply makeup! For Dry Skin I recommend a hydrating cleanser like the Mario Bedascu Enzyme Cleansing Gel. This cleanser is lightweight and non-drying, leaving your skin with a plumped and refreshed feeling!

sonia roselli beauty sexapeel instant exfoliation spray

Exfoliator-Exfoliation is key to getting rid of dead skin cells and allowing for new growth! When you remove the excess dead skin sitting on top you will immediately reveal a brighter, more even layer. This is especially important for us babes with dry skin because we tend to get a build up. Exfoliation is not something that you should do daily, I recommend 1-3 times per week depending on your skin sensitivity levels. If you have a big event coming up and you have sensitive skin, I recommend exfoliating 1-2 days before your event. You will still see the brightening effects but won't risk any irritation for the big event! I use and love Sonia Roselli Beauty Sexapeel Instant Exfoliation Spray. You can spray this right onto your face or hands and rub in circular motions all over your face and you will physically see the dead skin coming off in your hands! GROSS, I know but you will appreciate it after!