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Wedding Day Timelines

It is my goal to not only be your makeup and hair magician but also to be the your bouncing board for all of your stress!! If you don't have a wedding coordinator, wedding day timelines can be too much for a bride to handle along with everything else, especially if they are not natural planners! Luckily enough, you have wedding vendors like me to hold your hand during this process!!

How long will it take?

This depends per artist and per person! Typically, we like to schedule out 30 minutes per service for hair or makeup for any bridesmaids. If we are aware of a bridesmaid in advance that has hair like Rapunzel then we will typically book about 45 minutes for this service!

As for the blushing bride, we like to schedule out 1.5-2 hours! We always like to have some extra special time with the bride to work on her wedding day look.

What do you want your morning to look like?

Are you having a fabulous brunch on your wedding day?! Or are you sleeping in to catch some extra Z's?

When thinking about your wedding day, you really need to consider what you want your morning to look like. If you are just focusing on getting through everyone's hair and makeup then I always like to suggest paying the extra to get a second stylist to come in and help get everyone done faster! It can save you some time and some stress.

The biggest take away is to remember to leave some time in your morning for you to relax with your loved ones! You don't want to be running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to get ready and do last minute things! Take care of your last minute to-dos the week before and you will watch the stress melt away.

Getting Ready Timeline Example

I wanted to provide for y'all a good example of what a typical Saturday wedding day timeline looks for us!