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When should I book my hair and makeup artist?

Everyone has different priorities when planning their wedding, obviously! There are countless amounts of binders and plans and templates that you can buy online to tell you *exactly* where you should be at every point of the process. Well, we are here to make it a lot simpler for you!

Meet Lauren, our event planner extraordinaire

So when I started thinking about writing this blog post, I knew that I wanted to include the opinions of a great event planner who knew the ins and outs for booking all weddings vendors, not just hair and makeup! I immediately thought of how much I adore Lauren and knew that she was perfect for the job!

Lauren is an event planner located here in the Charlotte area who runs her company Elle M. Events. She has serviced over 100+ weddings and is absolutely amazing at her job. She pays close attention to detail and has a calming sense about her that is the perfect piece to help you plan your wedding. Of course, it helps that she is as sweet as pie and fun to be around!

Stick around until the end of our blog post to download our FREE vendor booking timeline!

Finding vendors you love

An important step to your wedding planning timeline is finding the vendors that you are dying to work with and being able to snatch up your wedding day in their calendar! I can't tell you how many times I've heard a bride say that she wasn't able to book her favorite photographer or venue in time and she missed out.

One way to counteract this with your bigger vendors like the venue and photographer is being flexible with your date in the beginning! If it is possible for you, pick a season and a range of dates that could work. This will ensure that you're fav vendor will be available and be able to make your wedding day dreams a reality!

Hair and Makeup

Now when it comes to booking your hair and makeup artist, that is what I know a lot about. While every artist works differently when it comes to booking out their calendars. Typically, artists will have their calendars open for booking a year out from the current date. That means that if it is May, I will book out through May of next year!

This means that if their is a hair and makeup artist that you are interested in and they are in high demand, you should book them ASAP! At the very least, you should have your hair and makeup artist booked at least 6 months out from your wedding. This gives you plenty of time to get to know your artist, have your trial, create your timeline and polish off the last minute details.

Planning ahead means relaxing later

Oh yeah, I mean that. Getting to relax before your wedding day is a thing that you can plan ahead for. If you follow our timeline below, you won't be scrounging looking for professional vendors at the last minute.

By this time in the process, you will have already created relationships with your vendors and this is what you want to strive for! Having an amazing and hand-picked team around you on your wedding day will ease your stress and feel like you can leave it in their hands to do what they are best at.

Vendor Booking Timeline

So, if you're feeling a little lost and need a little bit of guidance, download our FREE vendor booking timeline below! Lauren and I have broken down each vendor that you will need to consider booking and in the perfect time frame to stay on top of your wedding planning!

Happy Planning!



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