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When should I have my bridal trial?

If you're getting married or are already married then you probably wondered this at some point or another. Not many people realize this but the timing of your bridal trial is an important piece of the wedding planning process and can make or break the success of the trial.

The trial itself

Bridal Trials can take up to about 2 hours. They are lengthy for a reason! A bit part of the trial process is the consultation. We might already have photos of your looks but we like to talk you through each piece of it to ensure that we are creating something that you love! After the consultation, we get started on the fun part, the actual styling and application! For more specifics about what a bridal trial is and how to best prepare yourself, check out our previous blog post here!

Don't Rush

It is super important to make sure that you don't rush your bridal trial. They should be lengthy because well, you're learning about each other. You want to perfect your look and this might take a while at first. So, make sure to block out a chunk of time for your trial! You don't want to have to run out of there because you overbooked. You just won't get all that you should out of your trial!


I typically like to schedule trials for about 6-8 weeks before your wedding. There are many reasons for this! First and foremost, we don't want to schedule too close or too far away from your wedding. Scheduling too close can result in a ton of added stress on not being sure about your wedding day look yet and having a laundry list of things to do before the wedding. Scheduling too far away from the wedding can result in too many changes. Often times as humans when we have too much time to ruminate, we will. The vision of your wedding will change over time and that is ok! Having your bridal trial closer to your wedding will allow you to have a better idea of what the whole look of the wedding will be. This will ensure that you don't stick out like a sore thumb!

This should be fun

The most important piece is just to remember to have fun at your trial! Get to know your artist and try to form a relationship with them. You want to feel super comfortable and at home in their chair. After all, they will be so close to you on the wedding day!



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