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Why Boudoir Photos rock!

Have you ever thought about getting boudoir photos taken? Maybe for your husband or maybe to just get you feeling like the hot mama you are!!

Either way, getting boudoir photos taken rocks and if you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it. I know, standing semi-naked in a hotel room with a photographer that you just met might be one of the most awkward things you've done. But, read below about why I think every woman should go through this amazing experience!

All photos on this blog post are from my latest boudoir session with Kate Lynn Imagery!

The planning

Like I said, I get it! I know that this can be one awkward time for most people! I love getting behind the camera because to be fucking honest I just love the attention, LOL!

But I know most people shy away from experiences like these. It will be super helpful for you to plan ahead and create a cohesive look for the session, this will help ease the stress! Your photographer will help you immensely with this. You should consider what type of photos you want for yourself, what type of photos you want for your lovey and what look you're going for. Here are some questions to consider when planning your session!

Do I want a sultry or soft vibe?

What colors do I want to incorporate?

How do I want to feel during my session?

Do I want to take the photos in-home or at a studio?

Are there any special things I want to incorporate into the session?

Hair and Makeup

You should get your hair and makeup done before your session!! This is seriously my biggest advice for boudoir. It sounds a big cliche to say coming from someone who makes a living off of doing hair and makeup but this is seriously a game-changer. When you get all glammed up, you feel so good about yourself! This is the extra little boost of confidence that can help you rock your session and feel uber confident. Even if you are more of a natural girl, feeling like the day is about you for once can help you feel like you're on top of the world!

The outfits

There are so many places you can buy fun outfits for a boudoir session! The most important thing to remember when choosing outfits is that you want to feel comfortable and feel like yourself.

I've seen some boudoir sessions of girls in a sports bra and sweatpants and I've seen girls in lacey lingerie and naked. Remember, this is all about you! You have the power to make this session beautiful and exactly what you want it to be!!

Scope out your closet first and see what you have. I always recommend snatching a few pieces from your partner's side of the closet too! This can add a really personal touch to your photos and can make you feel a little more at home. Maybe they have a button-up that could be SO cute or maybe they have a sports jersey that they love! If you're going for more of a lingerie look and you don't have what you're looking for, Amazon has some great choices for sexy lingerie that are on the affordable side. If you're feeling extra fancy you should pick up something from Savage x Fenty! It is Rihanna's lingerie line that is totally size-inclusive and is ACTUALLY comfortable!

The confidence

We've all seen boudoir photos from our friends and immediately thought "Wow, she looks gorgeous! That could never be me." I'm here to tell you that this can totally be you!! We are all beautiful in our own light and there is no need for us to compare ourselves to each other. That just leaves us feeling negative and not enough!

Once you have your hair and makeup done, you are behind the camera and you've been sipping on champagne, you'd be surprised at how much you'll start to warm-up. Choosing a supportive photographer that you feel comfortable with will be imperative here! You want someone standing behind the camera that is going to build you up after each photo and tell you how good you're looking! By the end of the session our goal is for you to be thinking that you want to go into modeling because you felt THAT good! Here are some boudoir photographers that I know will make you feel like a million bucks.

The afterglow

Ok, now that you've done your session and leave feeling all sexy and ready to take on the world, a few weeks pass by and you've gotten your pictures back! There are SO many ways to use these new pictures you have.

Some people get a photo-book made or make their own using Shutterfly. This is a great way to gift your photos to your lovey and keep them as a memento. You can take this a step further and print your favorite photo for a special place in your house! And I know this seems a bit narcissistic and self-centered but if you spent all of that time, energy and money on these photos... you're going to want to look at them all of the time! And I'm going to take a wild guess and say that your lovey will not mind seeing it all of the time either.

A little from a photographer...

Now, I'm sure you've heard enough from me! Kate from Kate Lynn Imagery shared a bit about why she loves shooting boudoir sessions.

"I think that every woman deserves to feel empowered, fierce, and in love with themselves. There is something amazing about uncovering the other side of you - a confident, attractive, comfortable-in-her-own-skin type of girl. Yeah girl, you can rock this session too! Megan, handling makeup, was the best fit for this shoot. She really knows how to bring a vision to life. Danielle was a dream to work with and we had so much fun. I'll let you in on a secret - this was her first time doing a boudoir shoot. Treat yourself with a boudoir session cause girl, you are a queen!" -Kate

A little from a past client...

Let's take some advice from someone who's gotten boudoir photos taken!

"I was so excited and so nervous to get boudoir photos taken. It seems so scary to be so vulnerable! I got my makeup and hair done before by Megan and it made me feel so beautiful! It gave me that extra boost of confidence that I needed. I sipped on some champagne and we started taking photos. Once the session got started, I began to feel more and more comfortable! We had some fun music playing and it really got me feeling sexy and excited to see the magic that we were creating. I would recommend this experience to any of my friends again and again! " -Jaime

Let's take some sexy photos

I hope this helped you see the magic behind boudoir photo-shoots and I can't wait to do your makeup & hair for your next one!

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