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Why Pros Don't Offer Half-Services

Have you ever thought about just asking your makeup artist to do just your eyes? Or just your face makeup? To some people this may sound weird but it is a serious thing that people ask and I am here to tell you why pros don't offer this service and why you probably don't even want it!

1. Cohesiveness is key.

Have you ever looked in the mirror half way through getting your makeup done, you cringe a little bit and hope that it doesn't look like that in the end? It is never great until it is done! This is just the magic of makeup. I typically start on the eyes and work my way out from there; this leaves your eyes all glammed up and the rest of your face bare. Having a cohesive look is key to looking your absolute best for your wedding day! You want to look completely put together and getting half-services like face makeup only is not the way to do this!

2. It just doesn't look all that great.

Seriously! We're not just saying this. It really just doesn't look all that great. Getting just your eyes done leaves the rest of your face looking way too plain and bare. And the same goes for just getting your face done! Your face ends up looking all done up and your eyes get lost in the mix. We create a balanced look that will leave your favorite part about yourself being the star of the show!

3. The luxury is in the service.

One of the absolute best things about getting your hair and makeup done is the full service of it. You sit down in my chair on your wedding day and don't have to worry a single bit about looking like a beautiful, blushing bride! If you end up getting a half service like "eyes only" that leaves you feeling stressed out and anxious about getting the rest of yourself all ready! Who wants to stress about one more thing on the wedding day? Not this girl! The beauty of this luxury service is that you don't even have to lift a finger, keep it that way!

4. It will cost the same amount.

In all honesty, the price doesn't change if you get less makeup or more makeup. That's like going to McDonald's and asking them to take off the tomato and charge you less! Weird analogy but it makes sense! Our prices are our prices for a reason and we like to provide a cohesive service that showcases our work in the best way possible. If we're still thinking about that McDonald's analogy, the burger just doesn't taste the same without the tomato!