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Why your bridal trial should not be for your engagement photos

We get asked this question with almost every bride we chat with! It is a hot button topic and can often seem like just ONE more thing to add to the long laundry list of crap that has to get done. I am here to tell you today that although it might be a pain, I would strongly recommend against this. Let me break this down for you!

1. Timing can be rough!

Often times for the engagement photos you might be pressed for time to get to your location. If you're headed up to the mountains like Lauren and her lovey in these photos then you might want to plan for some extra time!

With that being said, trials take TIME. I like to schedule out about 2 hours, double the normal time it would take, to have a full bridal makeup & hair trial. A trial is meant to be the time where you get to meet the artist in person and spend time hashing out exactly what your look will be for the big day. There will always be tweaks and if you are rushing to get to your engagement photos, you might miss out on this precious time with your artist before the big day!

2. The styles you'll want will be way different!

This is probably the biggest problem with sharing the bridal trial with your engagement photos!

Most girls for their engagement photos opt for a more natural, everyday look. Something pictured here is a typical engagement look. Natural and Soft. Most brides do not want to look as everyday for their wedding as they would want for their engagement photos. Often time your location for your engagement photos might have a totally different look than your venue on your wedding day. It may sound weird but your hairstyle should match the type of venue/location that you're at!

3. You Deserve some extra Glam time!

Getting your hair and makeup done for your engagement photos often times is something that is overlooked in the grand scheme of things! It is one more expense to add to the list and girls more often than not will leave it off the list all together.

I know that it may be a little bit more money but it is SO fun! How often do you get the chance to stand in front of pretty waterfalls and take photos with a professional photographer? Not very often, at least for me! The wedding planning process is filled with so many tasks and this is just such a fun experience for both of you. You guys will cherish these photos for a long time to come and you deserve to look and feel beautiful in these photos!!

All in all...

Do you, boo boo! This is your engagement photo-shoot, your bridal trial and your wedding. At the end of the day, you get to make all of these choices and if you want to knock two things off your list at once then by all means, GO FOR IT!!




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