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Benefits of booking a pro

While we think makeup artist & hair stylists are life savers (obviously,) we realized that not all people understand the true benefit of booking a pro! We hope that we can help you understand why pros are so worth it!

The Education & Training

Artistry does not come natural to everyone. To be good at providing this type of service on all different types of clients, there is a significant amount of training that goes into it! To make a distinction for you, a pro artist is not someone who is just good at doing makeup on themselves. Every single persons skin and hair is different in so many ways, it takes time to learn how to to apply different products and when to use different techniques!

Pros have a serious passion for learning about the whole world of artistry. This does not mean that you have to go to school to be doing makeup on everyone. But it does mean that a pro has to be dedicated to learning all of the ins and outs of the industry and how to make your makeup & hair even better! Aunt Kathy might not realize that some products can make you break out or that some products will be melting off your face by the end of the day!


This might not be important to everyone, but it sure as hell is for us!

Often times the entire client experience is more in depth when you are paying a couple extra bucks for the service. Did they provide a detailed timeline for you? Did they ask for your likes and dislikes? Did they clean their brushes before the application? All of these factors go into the whole kit-and caboodle! Pros are serious about making this a seamless and stress-free experience and environment for you. That can go a long way!

Professionalism doesn't' just end there! It also has a lot to do with their personality and integrity of their work! Let's say they applied your eyebrows a bit too dark and you explain your concerns. A true pro will understand that everyone has preferences and this is not a reflection of their talent! You should feel 100% comfortable to kindly ask for changes sitting in our chair and that is how we want it to stay.

Reliability & Responsibility

When you are paying someone to come glam you on your special day, there is a big amount of trust in that relationship! We know that so many of you have terrible nightmares about your makeup artist not showing up on their wedding day. Guess what?! We are having the same nightmare!! True pros are the people that have 5 alarms set the night before and are sitting in the parking lot 30 minutes before their arrival time. This sounds a little crazy but seriously, we care a lot about being on time for you.

People who take a lot of pride and joy in their jobs show it by their ability to be reliable, consistent and responsible within your relationship. We want you to be stress-free and happy during this process!

All in all, I hope this helped you see the true value in hiring professionals! There is a big difference between a hobbyist and someone who is taking your client experience to the next level. I hope you consider these factors next time you are looking for a pro!



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