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Why should I pay for my Hair and Makeup for my wedding?

Updated: May 16, 2019

"I can do it just fine myself!" We hear this ALL the time! And I totally get it. Weddings are expensive and if you can save money, why not! But let me tell you this little secret, we are SO much more than makeup artists & hair stylists and you deserve to be stress free on your wedding day! Did you hear that?! You fucking deserve to be stress free on your wedding day!!

Let's throw stress out the window

Everyone knows that wedding mornings can be filled with last minute errands, family visits, mimosas and most of all... tons of pictures! Here's a little tip, the level of stress that you put on yourself is entirely up to you and your planning. Basically, If you know that Great Aunt Sally is going to be not so great & pleasant, then plan to have her get ready elsewhere. If you're picking out your vendors and your DJ is always late to meetings and you're having to ask all the questions... maybe re-think this guy! You have the power to create the most magical, relaxed day if you are mindful of your choices throughout the planning process!

So after all of that planning, the last thing you want on your wedding day is to be running around like crazy, getting all sweaty and then have to sit down and have to make yourself up. (Check out our FREE downloadable checklist below to help you with this!) Hiring someone to do your hair & makeup takes off that extra crap on your plate that you don't want to deal with. Do you know how cool it is to sit, relaxing in a chair and an hour later you look in mirror and you're all glammed up?! If you've never felt that then you need to give me a call!!

P.S. We totally recommend Carolina DJ Pros. They are consistently professional, personable and punctual!

we have the experience

This might be your first rodeo but it sure as hell ain't ours!! We do this almost every weekend! Hiring a trusted professional means that they have years of experience under their belt and they know how to handle every little piece of the wedding day. They know what products will last the longest, they know how to balance the look of in person vs. camera, and most of all they know how to make you feel and look beautiful!!

Here's a little secret... your makeup and hair will always look different on camera than it does in person!! You might do your makeup perfectly for day to day going in the office and going out at night but that doesn't mean that it will be the same on your wedding day. Wedding makeup always has to be amped up just a touch more than usual because cameras and lighting will dull it out. Your regular makeup routine might look like nothing when you get the pictures back! And trust me, there is a fine line between amping it up a little bit and looking like a bad drag queen.

It is your wedding day, you deserve this!

we will be your confidant!

I wish I could tell you how many times a testy family member or a last minute detail leaves the bride in tears in my chair. I wish I had a dollar for every time I needed to quietly grab a tissue for them and change the subject to happy thoughts. Maybe I'd finally that vacation house in Haiwaii?!

Ok, but seriously... after years of doing this I am realizing that there should be a better word to mash up therapist and makeup artist. We become your confidants!! After so many months of talking back and forth and coming up with the perfect bridal look it is hard not to have a special place in my heart for every single bride. I know that I want to create the most magical experience for each and everyone! And that means that sometimes we have to be the therapist too, and I love this. I know, what you're thinking... "Megan you clearly love talking!" But you can bet that I love listening too!

What do you value most?

At the end of the day, what you decide to spend your money is what you value most. Some people just don't care all that much about hair and makeup and that is a-ok! We are there for any and all brides that want to look and feel their most beautiful!!

Don't forget!

Click here to download your Getting Ready Wedding Day Checklist for a stress free wedding week!




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