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Why rosewater is your new bff

I'll admit it, I'm kind of obsessed with rosewater. I don't know if I just take things too far or what, but do people... understand how cool rosewater is?!?! Well, I am here to share all of the amazing-ness that rosewater brings to my life!


Often times I will start my skin prep on a client with a gentle, light cleanser and then spritz with some rosewater. This facial spray is known to help calm down redness in the skin and add hydration. When creating beautiful, long-lasting makeup looks, you need the skin to feel hydrated all day long!

Makeup Refresher

Rosewater is one of the last steps that I take before I step out the door. After I finish my makeup, I take my rosewater and spray a bit on my face and pat dry with my beauty sponge! If you are an over-powedering girl to the core, this step is necessary for you to not look too cakey! I swear, rosewater is like the magic spray to make my face look fresh

and not crusty. I will often carry my spray with me throughout the day as a makeup refresher. If at any point I start to feel like the makeup is settling uncomfortable or getting too dry, I will spray some rosewater and fan dry. You'd be surprised how well this keeps your makeup looking beautiful!

Hot weather

Listen, I am still not used to the NC humidity just yet. NY just ain't like that!! Not only are facial sprays great for refreshing your makeup, they feel SO dang good on a hot day. If you are at home, I recommend keeping your rosewater in the fridge! Grab a quick spritz throughout the day and it will feel oh sooo good.


Did you know that rosewater has antioxidants in it that help prevent the skin from getting damaged? Rosewater is known to positively affect the nervous system. It is the perfect calming scent to use throughout the day! I always feel like it was the exact thing that I needed to take a deep breath.

My fav

I absolutely love the Mario Badascu facial sprays. I've been using their rosewater for about a year now and just recently picked up their purple one that has aloe, chamomile and lavender in it. On my recent trip to NY, I kept this with me on the plane. It was the perfect refresher for my skin after a long flight! Their facial sprays have the perfect mist when sprayed that it doesn't leave the skin feeling drenched and wet.

This set that I've linked has their three facial sprays, Rosewater, Cucumber and Green Tea, and Chamomile and Lavender. The rosewater was my first love but honestly, the scent is up to you!

Go get yourself some

If you're not ready to purchase the full size, which retails at $12.00 for an 8 oz. bottle or $7.00 for a 4 oz. bottle, they are always selling the travel size versions of all three sprays! The travel version retails for $5.00 for 2 oz. This stuff rocks, I can't wait to hear how y'all use it and how much you love it!!



P.S. Yes, that bottle of rosewater in my pictures is so totally empty and I'm just about running back to Ulta to pick up another full size!!!

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